Magnetic smoked pocket tray 80's

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The 80s magnet tray was a practical and popular accessory for homes and offices of the time. This storage compartment has a circular shape with smoked edges and a small cavity in the center to hold keys, coins and other small items.

The distinctive design of this trinket includes a powerful magnet embedded in the bottom of the tray, which helped hold metal objects in place and prevent them from slipping or falling. The more objects you put in this pocket, the lower the cup will go.

Made of durable plastic, this trinket came in a variety of bright colors and retro designs, such as geometric patterns, floral patterns, and abstract designs. It was perfect for adding a touch of funky style to 80s offices and living spaces.

Material: plastic
Color: silver and smoked
- Width: 11 cm
- Height: 8.5 cm
Condition: This item is in good vintage condition.

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