Pair of "Assisa" chairs by Paolo Favaretto for Press Italy 80's

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The "Assisa" chairs by Paolo Favaretto for Press Italy are a fine representation of contemporary Italian design. With their sleek design and finish, these chairs add a touch of sophistication to any space.

These chairs feature a strong and durable metal frame that provides excellent support for the black plastic seat and backrest.

The design of the "Assisa" chairs is sleek and minimalist, with simple and fluid lines that give them an elegant and timeless look. Their gently curved shape ensures optimum comfort for the user, while their height is ideal for use around a dining table or desk.

The "Assisa" chairs by Paolo Favaretto for Press Italy are a wise choice for those looking for a piece of furniture with a timeless design . They will work well in a variety of spaces, whether in a modern home or a professional office. In addition, it is possible to stack them to save space and store them easily.

In sum, the "Assisa" chairs are an excellent option for those looking for elegant and comfortable chairs for their living or working space.

Material: metal and plastic
Color: black
- Height: 74 cm
- Width: 46 cm
- Depth: 45cm

Condition: this item is in a good state of conservation.

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