Cubic box in acrylic glass and chrome by Alessandro Albrizzi 70's

This cubic acrylic glass and chrome box by Alessandro Albrizzi from the 70's is a piece functional art that embodies the retro futuristic aesthetic characteristic of that era. Made in Italy, it represents the excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship of this period. 

Measuring 10 cm on a side, this cube box is relatively compact, giving it a sleek, minimalist appearance. It's made of acrylic glass, which gives it crystalline transparency and visual lightness, while ensuring remarkable durability. 

Acrylic glass also allows you to play with light, creating shimmering reflections and games of transparency that add artistic charm to the room. In combination with the chrome, which adorns the edges and corners of the case, the set benefits from a striking contrast between metallic shine and crystalline transparency.

The use of chrome, an iconic material from the 70s, adds touch of modernity and luxury to the period, and gives the object a resolutely contemporary look. 

The exquise piece by Alessandro Albrizzi offers a sophisticated storage solution for small precious items or jewelry. Placed on a chest of drawers, a shelf or a desk.

Material: chrome and acrylic glass
Colors: silver and black
- Width: 10 cm
- Height: 10 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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