Pair of "Cesca" B32 chairs by Marcel Breuer for Fasem 80's

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Pair of "Cesca" B32 chairs, designed by the legendary Marcel Breuer for Fasem in Italy in 1980, highlights the fusion between design history and modernity .

These chairs are much more than just pieces of furniture. Clad in sumptuous black leather, they evoke timeless elegance, adding a touch of unrivaled refinement to your space.

Each chair is meticulously constructed around a chrome steel frame, a combination that marries both strength and modern aesthetics . The striking contrast between luxurious black leather and shiny chrome steel creates a captivating visual spectacle, accentuating the balanced and refined design of these chairs.

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, these “Cesca” B32 chairs are a tribute to the creative genius of Marcel Breuer. Their clean lines and ergonomic design illustrate a concern for comfort without compromising style.

This set of 2 "CESCA" B32 chairs is a celebration of timeless design, Italian excellence and the visionary genius of Marcel Breuer. By adding these pieces to a space, they will bring a touch of prestige as well as a seating experience that combines luxury with style.

Material: steel and leather
Colors: black and gray
- Height: 81 cm
- Width: 57 cm
- Depth: 59 cm

Condition: this item is in a very good state of conservation.

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