Pair of teak armchairs by CB Hansen for SL Møbler 60's

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These Scandinavian armchairs from the 1960s produced by cabinetmaker CB Hansen for SL Møbler are remarkable examples of design from this era. Handcrafted from teak, these armchairs embody the timeless aesthetic of Scandinavian design with their elegance and functionality.

Teak, a precious and durable wood, gives these armchairs an exceptional patina which testifies to their history and their artisanal quality. Each piece exudes the authenticity and warmth of wood, making them coveted decorative elements for any interior looking for a vintage and refined touch.

The gray fabric chosen for the armchairs, although changed, harmonizes perfectly with the teak and gives a subtle modernity to these classic pieces. Their remarkable comfort is the result of a design designed to fit the curves of the body, thus offering a pleasant and ergonomic seating experience.

With dimensions of 80 cm in height, 67 cm in width and 74 cm in depth, these armchairs feature balanced proportions that fit easily into various spaces, whether it is a living room, office or of a reading room.

In short, the Scandinavian armchairs from the 60s by CB Hansen for SL Møbler represent exceptional pieces that combine timeless elegance, comfort and artisanal quality, adding a touch of sophistication to any interior.

Material: wood and fabric
Colors: brown and gray

- Height: 80 cm
- Width: 67 cm
- Depth: 74 cm

Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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