Belgo Chrom 60's coffee table

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The Belgo Chrom coffee table is a remarkable piece of furniture that combines style and functionality in an elegant way. This coffee table is the result of the work of renowned Belgian designers, who put their expertise in design at the service of creating an object that is both practical and aesthetic .

Crafted from premium quality materials , the Belgo Chrom Coffee Table features a clear tempered glass top that rests on a high quality chrome steel frame. This structure gives the table great stability while offering an elegant and contemporary finish.

There is a second floor just below, which allows for additional storage for magazines, books and other everyday objects.

The design of the Belgo Chrom coffee table is elegant and clean , with straight lines and geometric shapes that reflect the modern style of Belgian design . This coffee table is a smart choice for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their living room or living room.

In short, the Belgo Chrom coffee table is a wise choice for lovers of designer furniture who are looking for a top quality piece that combines elegance, practicality and functionality. This coffee table is a timeless choice that will fit perfectly into any type of interior, from the most classic to the most modern.

Note: very beautiful patina of the golden metal as well as the possibility of buying a pair of tables for your showroom (two tables available)

Material: metal<br>
Colors: golden<br>
- Width: 70cm<br>
- Length: 120cm<br>
- Height: 38cm<br>
Condition: Good vintage condition.

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