Triptych of boards by Pablo Tomek for Treaptyque 2023

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Immerse yourself in the heart of an unprecedented artistic fusion with the exclusive collaboration between the talented contemporary painter , Pablo Tomek, and Treaptyque. Let us introduce you to a set of skateboard decks, where urban art comes to life thanks to a unique work by Pablo Tomek affixed to the back.

Treaptyque, an artistic curator in Paris, has teamed up with Pablo Tomek to create a bold and immersive aesthetic experience . As a curation space, Treaptyque has always celebrated design in all its facets, offering a cutting-edge selection ranging from furniture and everyday accessories to works of art.
With this exceptional collaboration, Treaptyque takes urban art to new heights by associating it with the dynamic world of skateboarding.

Each board in this set thus becomes a true work of art, where Pablo Tomek's brushstrokes express themselves freely on the wood. The striking work of Pablo Tomek, which unfolds at the back, offers a captivating artistic journey . The artist's bold shapes and explosions of color celebrate urban energy and creative expression, making each board a symbol of artistic adventure and escape. This collaboration is much more than a simple meeting between art and skateboarding, it is a fusion of two exciting worlds that come together to offer a unique artistic experience.

With Pablo Tomek and Treaptyque as your artistic guides, seize the opportunity to own a work of art in its own right and let your passion for art and design express itself. By choosing this set, you take ownership of part of this creative symbiosis .

Material: wood
Colors: wood and multicolor

- Length: 81cm
- Width: 21cm
- Thickness: 1cm

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