Pocket trays "Boca" by Sergio Asti for ICM Italy 70's

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The "Boca" storage compartment, designed by Sergio Asti for the ICM Italy brand in the 1970s, embodies a unique aesthetic and an emblematic design of that era. Its name, “Boca,” meaning “mouth” in Spanish, evokes a fluid, organic curve reminiscent of the shape of a graceful wave.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this storage compartment features an undulating shape that recalls the gentle movement of water . This flowing curve creates a naturally hollow center space, perfect for holding small items such as keys, coins or jewelry. The raised edges of the storage compartment add a touch of sophistication, while preventing items from sliding around.

The creative work of Sergio Asti, a renowned designer of that era, is clearly evident in this storage compartment. His collaboration with ICM Italy resulted in a piece that reflects the subtle balance between art and functionality . The attention to soft curves and organic form evokes the design spirit of the 70s, where geometric shapes and flowing lines were in the spotlight.

This “Boca” storage compartment is presented in new condition, testifying to its careful preservation and its timeless quality. Presented in its original box, it recalls the period in which it was created, providing a direct link to the past. As a collector's item, it not only embodies the elegance and style of the 70s, but is also a testament to the creative talent of Sergio Asti and the artistic heritage of ICM Italy.

Whether as a functional piece of art or as a collector's item, the "Boca" storage compartment remains a celebration of the timeless design and artistic genius that marked the 1970s.

Material: metal
Color: gold
- Width: 23 cm
- Length: 26 cm
- Height: 3 cm
Condition: This item is in very good vintage condition.

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