Pocket tray in collaboration with Tom Ducarouge

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This storage compartment designed by Tom Ducarouge & Treaptyque on the occasion of the latter's first anniversary is a piece of design that embodies both the creativity of designer Tom Ducarouge and the philosophy of Treaptyque.

The "Pocket Tray", made from Beech wood and in an edition of 100, is created from natural material which adds a distinct warmth and authenticity to its design. The curves of this storage compartment are both refined and sensual, creating a fluid and organic aesthetic. The shapes are reminiscent of ocean waves, evoking a feeling of movement and harmony.
These soft curves also perfectly embody the work of designer Tom Ducarouge, who favors elegant simplicity in his creations.

The “Pocket Tray” is distinguished by its three distinct curves, which refers to the name Treaptyque, suggesting a deep connection between the three elements. These elegant curves in beech wood, and the reference to the triptych make it a design object that combines form and function.

In summary, this storage compartment is a functional work of art. It is both a tribute to the creativity of Tom Ducarouge and the collaborative spirit of Treaptyque.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this storage compartment is the possibility of customization. It was proposed during a special workshop organized from May 6 to 8, 2022, where guests had the opportunity to give their personal touch to their “Pocket Tray”.

NB: Each piece being unique, the pocket tray will be sent with an available and random number

Material: wood
Color: wood

- Thickness: 4cm
- Width: 22cm
- Length: 32cm

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